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Relative less economical because of freight and package,  recommended for special and emergency use or order having to be in small quantity.


  • Size of plate: 3/32″X18″X24″
  • Package: ONE Piece in a case.
  • Weight: around 1.5kg (less or more depend on package.)
  • Introduction


    The thickness of 3/32 in(equal to 2.4 mm) can produce moderate RTS best for positioning and orthopedic.

    Highly versatile, achieving good fit with light handling and pulling. With experience, therapists can use this material for most splints, including hand, wrist, elbow, trunk, and knee. Not recommended for spasticity or contracture, as material easily deforms while molding. Splints, based on this thickness are very versatile—comparable to other materials ,such as Aquaplast, offering excellent memory for progressive splinting, and turns clear when heated in hot water, for easy location of pressure points or landmarks.

  • Special order is accepted !

    • Variable color;
    • Variable micro-perforation;
    • Sticky surfaceor anti-sticky surface;
    • Variable size, thicknes;
    • Variable perforation ratio;


    You are welcome to leave your  special requiry in the message box beside, such as color,   diameter of    perforation, perforation  ratio( the diameter of perforation and perforation ratio are only accepted based on beside  table.)


    *Perforation ratio: the sum of perforation area to whloe area.

  • Customized splint based on following INF:

    Diameter of


    Ratio of perforation  
    3.0 mm 1%, 15%, 10%, 19%, 22%
    2.5 mm 12%
    2.0 mm 42%
    1.5 mm 15%
    1.0 mm 38%
    None perforation  None perforation 
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