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Most popular for the lowest price, recommended for regular use or order in great quantity and relaxing finance.


  • Size of plate: 1/16″X18″X24″
  • The price is 43.73 U$/Pieces
  • Package: 12 Pieces in a case
  • Minimum quantity accepted is five case(60 pieces).
  • Weight: around 75kg (less or more depend on package.)
  • Introduction


    The thickness of 1/8 in(equal to 3.2 mm) can provide high RTS, idol for eurological and Orthopedic patients.

    Require constant handling and continual effort to contour. They can be handled forcefully, making them great for beginners or  infrequent splinters. It supplies capability of holding patient in a stretched position or to correct deformity, or for larger orthopedics: elbow, forearm, shoulder, trunk, or leg. It is similar to Orthoplast, but with the added advantage of lightness, thickness, convenience and ability of breathing and easy to remove.

  • Special order is accepted !

    • Variable color;
    • Variable micro-perforation;
    • Sticky surfaceor anti-sticky surface;
    • Variable size, thicknes;
    • Variable perforation ratio;


    You are welcome to leave your  special requiry in the message box beside, such as color,   diameter of    perforation, perforation  ratio( the diameter of perforation and perforation ratio are only accepted based on beside  table.)

    *Perforation ratio: the sum of perforation area to whloe area.

  • Customized splint based on following INF:

    Diameter of


    Ratio of perforation  
    3.0 mm 1%, 15%, 10%, 19%, 22%
    2.5 mm 12%
    2.0 mm 42%
    1.5 mm 15%
    1.0 mm 38%
    None perforation  None perforation 
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