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Radiotherapy Mask

Focused on discovering, developing, and commercializing technology-driven solutions for radiotherapy patient positioning. All Fit Splint's goal is to provide the best radiotherapy mask materials for radiation therapy for unsurpassed outcomes, Which offer a unique combination of rigidity and ultra-low attenuation. With over more than 20 years of experience in material researching, exploring, and developing, We have the advantage in this field.

Benefit from our R & D team, we take the advantage of manufacturing radiotherapy mask (Radiotherapy Position Mask) material, which plastic easily at a low temperature and turn to rigid at room temperature in various time with minimal shrinkage. All thermoplastics are manufactured in-house and have been for the past 20 years to meet the requirement of operators and comfortableness to patients. 

So as radiotherapy mask (Radiotherapy Position Mask) is concerned, the mask, which is a variable perforated sheet, made of thermoplastic splint sheet, is similar to thermoplastic and has excellent extension ability, and is fixed with a frame. they are indispensable and consumables. 

There are several radiotherapy mask (Radiotherapy Position Mask) suppliers in the market, famous as Qfix, and Orfit. Most of our products in this field are compatible with radiotherapy mask (Radiotherapy Position Mask) of them. Because there are so many kinds of masks based on different frames and matching different baseboards. Therefore, the smartest way to get what you want with the practical price is by offering us a used frame sample and getting our confirmation before dropping an order.It seems a little complicated, however, it is worthwhile because the cost will drop down greatly.