Special thermoplastic splint for Rhinoplasty

Customized Thermoplastic Splint for

AllFit Nasal Casts
AllFit Dental Casts

Rhinoplasty/Nasal Surgery ( Allfit nasal cast) is a device that holds the nose in a more natural shape. It is made of a thermoplastic splint, it will be heated and shaped to change the angle and position of the nose.

The AllFit Dental Cast is a dental cast that can be molded into any shape that the user requires. A dental cast is most commonly used to create a temporary mouthguard, which can be easily removed at the time of professional cleaning.

A dentist will usually place an impression of the teeth and gums on a special material called a wax bite sheet, this sheet will then produce an accurate model of your mouth and teeth for casting. This process typically takes around 10 minutes.

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