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  1. Masks are compatible with other S-type Devices. Masks are available in All Fit-U and All Fit-T series in varying thicknesses, 1.6mm, 2.4mm, and 3.2mm. These masks offer three perforation patterns standard, micro and variable perforation. Optional features include All Fit-D, Open View, Variable Perforation, and Split Frame Designs.
  2. The perfect balance between rigid fixation and patient comfort. All Fit-O, Open View Masks reduce anxiety and increase patient comfort while allowing real time patient monitoring utilizing optical tracking systems.
  3. Variable Perforation is the perfect balance between rigid fixation and patient comfort. These masks provide a whole new way to maximize the patient positioning performance of your devices. The optimal perforation pattern maximizes rigidity while minimizing the bolus effect.
  4. Split-Frames reduce the stretching required of the thermoplastic forming a more rigid mask. These masks also accommodate patients that have long hair.
  5. longer operation time.
  • Note

    Here are part of our products. We appreciate you contact us and make clear the model, size of the products you want. The best way is to provide us the used frames and we will meet your need without any error.

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