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Teeth Splint

Teeth Splint


It is a perfect product designed to make a teeth care kit.
Either for teeth orthopedic daytime or care of teeth overnight. It makes the process simple and easy.


Step one: dip teeth splint into hot water ( the temperature is about 65℃) for 1~3 minutes, the inside surface will turn transparent from white.

Step two: Cover the teeth with teeth splint and squeeze the teeth splint to match the surface of your teeth, try your best to squeeze the transparent mold material into the gap between the teeth with your fingers. (Just as the pictures show.)

Step three: when you finish the operation in 2~3 minutes, the inside surface has already turned to white from transparent. That means the teeth mold operation is completed.


At last, you can take it off your teeth and reel off the Aluminum foil outside, and dress the mold as you wish.

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